The Diamond Grading demonstrations on this page are for illustration purposes and should only be used as an educational guide. Any representation of diamond colour, sizing, clarity should be used as a rough guide, this is due to differences in monitors and monitor resolution settings.


The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats:
1.00ct = 0.2 gram.
Each Diamond Shape will have different measurements based on their carat weight.


Colour is graded by comparison to masterstones under standardized artificial light, equivalent to Northern daylight.  Temelli Jewellery predominently sources diamonds from a D-H colour range.  Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds are also available at Temelli Jewellery.



Temelli Jewellery sources diamonds from an FL-SI2 clarity to ensure the diamonds are “eye clean”


Temelli Jewellery only sources well cut diamonds for maximum brilliance. As a result, most of our diamonds come internationally certified outlining the perfection and quality level of Temelli Diamonds.