Q: How do I place an order online?
Once you have found the item you wish to purchase, simply click “add to cart” for standard items, and for others you may select the material (gold carat or colour), gemstone option, finger size or length as required and then “add to cart.”  You can continue to shop and when ready visit the shopping cart via the top right of the website.  You can then review your order and proceed to checkout.

Q: Is it safe to shop online at temelli.com.au?
Yes – no information is forwarded to any third parties and all data is secure using SSL technology. For more detailed information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Q: Does Temelli Jewellery use natural diamonds in their jewellery?
Yes – Temelli Jewellery only uses natural, mined diamonds in the jewellery displayed in stores and online.  Lab grown diamonds are available for purchase in custom made orders, but as standard all diamonds featured in our pieces are natural, mined diamonds.

Q: Are the prices displayed online in Australian Dollars?
Yes, all pricing shown on the Temelli website are in Australian Dollars.

Q: Does Temelli ship internationally?
Yes! Any piece on the Temelli website is able to be shipped internationally.  Temelli offers free shipping (excluding any tariffs/taxes on the receiving end) with all purchases over AUD$400.