Red Eternity Rose


Eternity Roses are natural roses, preserved and electro-plated in 24k gold.

  • Genuine red rose. The edges are trimmed with 24 karat gold.
  • An impressive gift for your special lady.
  • Comes in a beautiful stitched leather display case. 34cm x 13cm x 10cm
  • Includes a two-sided Certificate of Authenticity.
  • The glaze and gold trimming has a lustrous finish.
  • A stunning symbol of love that lasts an eternity.
  • The world’s most recognised symbol of love presented as you have never before seen.

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Throughout human history the rose has been a symbol of love, emotion and beauty. Both roses and gold have been immortalized in our art and literature as far back as recorded history goes. Both of these timeless symbols have been perfectly combined in ‘The Eternity Rose’ to create a stunning gift that will last a lifetime.

A beautiful Eternity Rose is the perfect gift for her on almost any occasion. From birthdays, to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas; in fact, almost any occasion where a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a loved one is desired. Our gold roses also make for the ideal golden wedding anniversary gift (50th wedding anniversary). The Eternity Rose is an impressive present for all women and is a unique gift which speaks volumes. Many of our customers comment that our roses are a complete gift combining the beauty and elegance of flowers, with the majesty of fine ornaments.

If you happen to be searching for a 25th silver wedding anniversary gift, you may also want to look at our silver-dipped Eternity Roses.

Nothing symbolizes love more than a single rose. The aspiration of The Eternity Rose is to take this symbol of love, and develop it into a stunning work of art that will be proudly displayed, and symbolize love for an eternity.

Our gold roses are made from real roses grown in our nursery. We employ trained horticulturalists to ensure we grow the absolute best roses available in the world. No expense is spared in cultivating our fabulous roses to perfection. The flowers are vigilantly watched and as they begin to open, they are carefully selected at their ideal stage of bloom. The preservation process then immediately begins while they are fresh and at the absolute peak of their beauty.

The roses are moved through a 60-step process gaining numerous layers via immersion electroforming that utilises our proprietary formulae. Initially they are electroplated with layers of pure copper. This provides a highly texture-sensitive layer, as well as the best base for precious-metal dipping. After the rose is sealed and accurately layered in copper, we commence electroplating in nickel. This layer provides the structural integrity which is necessary for the final step of certified gold-dipping. After each and every layer, the roses are inspected for form, plating quality and any other imperfections that may occur. Only when they have passed our exacting quality control screening are they moved on to the 24 karat gold-dipping baths. The precious-metal coating process comprises of literally dozens of extremely thin layers which are slowly built up over many weeks. This results in a mirror finish that is highly lustrous, and brilliant in its surface appearance. The flower will not ever corrode and will last literally for thousands of years.

The whole process takes around three months per rose.

So go ahead and spoil a loved one with The Eternity Rose. They will probably appreciate it more than you might expect.

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