Hand Santizers effect your Jewellery

How do Hand Santizers effect your Jewellery?

Temelli Jewellery has prepared a helpful guide to protecting your jewellery during the COVID-19 pandemic. A how to guide for Jewellery Maintenance.

A how to – and what not to do – guide for Jewellery Maintenance.

How to keep your jewellery clean has always been an important and commonly asked question.  Now, with many cautious about the spreading of germs, viruses and day to day wear, we put together this blog post to give you all the information needed to maintain your beautiful Jewellery in pristine condition.

We offer complimentary, professional ultrasonic Jewellery cleaning in store on any Temelli pieces. Our in store cleaning service is designed to make your jewellery look like new.  The detergent and ammonia used not only kill germs, but also keep diamonds and jewellery in pristine condition.  Many undertake cleaning on a fortnightly or monthly basis to not only have a check of their jewellery pieces, but also to maintain the cleanliness and brightness of diamonds and gemstones.  Specialized Jewellery cleaning kits are available for purchase in store. Certain gemstones and pearls also require specialized care, such as emeralds, tanzanite, pearls and opal – these gemstones cannot be cleaned in an ultrasonic and do require special care.

Annual (or every two years) cleaning and servicing is recommended, and can restore the condition of your jewellery to like-new condition.  Pricing and more information for this service is available in any Temelli boutique.

Hand sanitizers:

Hand sanitzers come in two varieties; alcohol based and non-alcohol based.  We recommend using alcohol based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol, which will cause rings and metal to stay in great condition.  Non-alcohol based sanitizers contain chlorine-based compounds, which can react with water and cause tarnishing in Jewellery.

Washing hands, lotion and moisturizers:

Soaps can contain abrasives, and can cause rhodium to wear away on white gold rings.  Lotions and moisturizers can also cause metal surfaces to dull, and leave a residue on the surface of rings, also causing diamonds and gemstones to appear quite dull.  For those who do wash their hands with rings on, rings may require more frequent cleaning.

Day to day wear:

It’s perfectly fine to wear rings day to day, although certain activities can cause damage to rings.  Cooking and food preparation is not likely to damage rings, but it is recommended to remove rings to avoid build up underneath settings.  It is not recommended to wear rings while at the gym, gardening or where they are likely to hit against metal surfaces, as this can cause damage to settings and the gems.

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