Incredibly rare red diamond sold by Collins Street jeweller, Temelli.

A rare, natural Argyle Red Diamond has just been sold in Melbourne, by Collins Street fine jewellery & diamond boutique, Temelli Jewellery. Valued at over $800,000, the diamond is a 0.47ct Radiant Cut Argyle Certified Red Diamond, also GIA Certified and laser inscribed with the Argyle Diamond Identification number.

Natural Argyle pink diamonds are extremely rare and represent 0.03% of global diamond production.  The Argyle diamond mine in Australia produces 90% of the world’s natural pink diamond supply. The Argyle mine closed in November 2020 and the last tender release in 2021 has seen values skyrocket.  Argyle Red diamonds are the rarest in the world, even rarer than Pink Diamonds, with an estimated 60 certified Argyle Red diamonds known to exist.  Since the year 2000, the price of red diamonds has increased by 500 percent, with values of millions of dollars per carat, these values will only become greater in time.

“I am thrilled and proud at the opportunity to source this rare gem for my client” says James Temelli. ” It was only facilitated due to our direct secure relationships with worldwide partners that allowed us to source this exclusive diamond and bring it to Australia. It was sold to a private investor who has been searching for an Argyle Red Diamond for the last 3 years”.

Over the last 25 years the price of Argyle pink and red diamonds has witnessed a double-digit growth outperforming most equity markets around the world.  An Argyle Red Diamond would be a secure purchase for high end investors as there would be almost nothing comparable in value or rarity.  Once such a diamond is purchased the value increases immediately as there is no other comparison available and future sales are dependent on the ability to even source such a rare red diamond again.  “When any future worldwide enquiry to purchase an Argyle Red Diamond appears we will be proud to present our clients’ needs if they wish to realize their investment,” says James Temelli.

It is such a rare occurrence to even see an Australian Natural Red Argyle Diamond in person as it usually requires Proof of identity, a fixed secured appointment and pre-payment in advance before it is released from the world’s finest diamond houses. Argyle Diamond Certificates provide transparency and secure investment value to the collectors and are crucial to the sale and purchase of Natural Argyle Fancy Colored Diamonds.   “My estimation is perhaps only less than 5 Natural Red Argyle Diamonds remain in Australia, as most are immediately purchased sight unseen by world figures such as the Sultan of Brunei and worldwide investment brokers and collectors.”   

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